A Library Card….Book Nerd Edition Pt 2

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog for my book lover’s library card and week 8 of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour 2018!! I found this idea really cute and endearing as it lets you know about what my favorites are, regarding books, in a creative way! Sorry for posting a day late, but I am currently still getting situated at Disney World with my internship and setting up my room! The template is from Cheyanne Young’s (The Last Wish of Sasha Cade, out 10/2/18) Instagram story! So let’s jump right into it!



  1. First Book You Fell in Love with?
  2. Number of Books on your To-be-read pile?
  3. Book you’ve re-read the most?
  4. Favorite Author?
  5. Favorite Place to Read?
  6. Favorite Snack/Drink while reading?
  7. A guilty pleasure read?
  8. Recommend a book?
  9. Currently Reading?


  1. First Book You Fell in Love with? The Magic Tree House series! I was obsessed with them in grammar school and did quizzes on them to earn stickers on my tracker to keep track of how many books I would read that were on the website Book Adventure with quizzes for the books I read!
  2.  Number of Books on your To-be-read pile? Oh my Gosh, too many!! I have too many books I want to read and such little time to read them.
  3.   Book you’ve re-read the most? It has to be either The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight or The Harry Potter series!
  4.  Favorite Author? Rick Riordan! The only series of his I could not get into is his Magnus Chase series.
  5.   Favorite Place to Read? My room on my bed!
  6.   Favorite Snack/Drink while reading? Favorite snack is m&ms for reading and drink is lemonade!
  7.   A guilty pleasure read? This is tough! I don’t know that I necessarily have one! If I had to choose though it would probably be Roomies by Christina Lauren. I read it a couple months ago and I loved the storyline.
  8.  Recommend a book? To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Summer I Turned Pretty series’ by Jenny Han!
  9. Currently Reading? Dance of Thieves by Mary E Pearson

Alrighty! Keep an eye on our blogs to see what we do next week!

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